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Keys on Ring

Key cutting, car key batteries and locksmith services

Get reliable key cutting in Carshalton from The Carshalton Cobbler

New Keys

Help with any keys you might need

At The Carshalton Cobbler, our experienced team have knowledge of all types of keys, from house keys to garage and safe keys. With highly experienced staff on hand, we'll ensure a quick turn-around from our Carshalton shop so you can have your keys as soon as possible.

House keys in the front door
Opening a safe
Garage door outside house
Security keys

Household keys

If you're in need of spare keys for your home, we're here to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Safe keys and Chubb keys

Keep your belongings secure with safe keys.

Garage keys

We can cut keys to fit your garage, so that you can have easier access to it and have spares for when you need them.

Security keys

Protect your data and personal information with a security key.

Car Keys

Car key batteries

If your car key battery is running low, we can replace it and have it working better as soon as we can.


Locksmith services

We can offer a skilled locksmith service to help you when you need us, whether you need to get into your home or need repairs on your locks.

Specialist key cutting in Carshalton

Contact The Carshalton Cobbler to get help from knowledgable professionals.

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